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Every year gets more and more competitive on Google with the World turning more and more digital.

As you already know, there are a number of different things you can do to try to get your website seen organically (for free), but sometimes it’s just not possible.

No matter how well your website is SEO optimised, if it’s new and you’re up there competing against companies who have been running for 5 years with a constant stream of relevant high quality content, the chances are you’re not going to find it easy climbing to the top of the search engine results pages.

That’s where Google Advertising comes in, often referred to as PPC (Pay per click) or Paid Search Advertising.Β  We prefer to use the term Google Advertising because we aren’t necessarily only paying per click or focusing on search advertising.

Google Advertising includes many different types of available strategies which I have explained below, and with Google owning 71% of Search Market Share​, it just makes sense for you to jump on that bandwagon and get some results for yourself!

"Advertisers are projected to spend $190.5 billion on search advertising globally in 2024." Statista, 2023

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"...90% of all internet users see Google Display Ads"

Case Study - Maxwell Melia Academy

Maxwell Melia Academy
How we generated 686.51% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) using Google Search Ads
About Maxwell Melia
Maxwell Melia Academy teaches Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement both In-Person across the UK, and Online.

We have worked with Maxwell Melia since 2018 and in this short case study included our stats:
- All time
- Previous Year
- Previous Month
All Time - Β£321k Total Sales Value
From a total Google Ads spend of Β£46.8k

That's a Return on Ad Spend of 686.51% - Β£6.87 back for every Β£1 spent.

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Previous Year - Β£50.6k in 1 Year
From a total Google Ads spend of Β£10.9k

That's a Return on Ad Spend of 462.9% - Β£4.63 back for every Β£1 spent.

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Previous Month - 712.76% ROAS
In the past 30 days at the time of creating this report, we have generated Β£8.34k in sales from a small Google Ads spend of Β£1.17k

That's Β£7.13 back for every Β£1 spent.

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Are These Results Typical?
While we can't guarantee these results for everyone, as long as you have a great offer, you've had success organically, and your website is up to scratch, then there is no reason why we can't do the same for you!
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The Types of Google Ads You Can Run

Why Should You Run Google Ads?

Generate Leads & Drive Sales

Google Ads can be a powerful tool for driving leads and sales by placing your advertisements in front of potential customers when they are actively searching for products or services related to your business

Ever heard of disruptive marketing?

It’s when you stop someone in their tracks to deliver their message.

It’s when you’re scrolling Facebook and trying to see what your friends are up to, and you get bombarded with ads.

The difference when it comes to Google Search Ads?

You aren’t disrupting anyone.

You are showing up with a solution, at the exact time that your perfect client is on Google, asking for the solution.

If that isn’t high intent then I don’t know what is…

The simple fact is, if your product or service is something that people know they want or need, and something that they would type into Google to find, then you need to be advertising there.

Elevate your brand recognition by strategically placing your ads where your audience is searching.

Craft compelling ad copy that captivates and showcases your unique identity.

With Google Ads, you’re not just selling – you’re becoming the talk of the town, turning heads and driving brand recognition through the roof.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your brand shine!Β 

Position your brand as an industry leader by strategically placing your ads where your audience actively seeks solutions.

With Google Ads, you’re not just advertising – you’re building a commanding presence in your niche, gaining respect, and becoming the go-to authority.

Seize the opportunity to elevate your brand to new heights!

With Google Ads, you’re not just advertising – you’re cultivating a loyal audience that believes in your brand.

Enjoy the benefits of a trusting customer base, from increased loyalty to positive word-of-mouth.

Elevate your business by establishing trust as the ultimate foundation of your brand’s success.

You have full control over everything…

  • Who you want to see your ads
  • Where you want them to see them
  • How you want them to be shown
  • When you want them to show
  • What’s more important – being at the top of the search results, or showing up more often?
  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • What counts as a win?


With Google Ads, the possibilities truly are endless, and no matter what your situation is, there is a way to achieve your goals.

What to Expect

Phase 1 - Onboarding

The first phase is really about getting to know about you and your business.

Once we have agreed how we are going to proceed and ticked all the legal boxes, it’s time to gather your assets.

We will need access to all that fun stuff like your website, Google accounts, call booking software and so on.

This is so that we can audit everything with recommendations, and get your leads and sales tracking in place so that we can monitor the effectiveness of your ads (return on investment).

You will also have a questionnaire to complete which enables us to move on to Phase 2 below.

During Phase 2, we start work with everything we obtained in Phase 1.

We get your tracking in place so that you can see every action users take on your website and sales page from the ads – leads, calls, sales, and so on.

This step is crucial and can be extremely technical when done correctly.

We make sure all of your Google platforms – Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console and Ads are all correctly configured and integrated, and correctly reporting the actions we want to track.

Meanwhile, we map out how we are going to run your campaigns and undertake keyword and competitor research, ready to get started on your content.

Phase 3 isn’t contingent on the tracking being completed, and we will begin this phase as soon as the planning and research are complete.

Depending on the type of Google Ads we will be running, we plan your headlines, descriptions, calls to action and so on.

The copy we write will be based on the questionnaire you completed and your website, so it’s important that these are accurate.

Once the copy is ready, it will be passed to you for approval.

This step is just a formality to ensure that you agree with the language and tone we are using to connect with your target audience.

Once the tracking is complete and we have your signoff on all content, we are ready to go live!

We set up and publish your ads.

Depending on the type of Google Ads you are running will determine this slightly, but in most cases, for the first 2 weeks, we simply need to let Google learn, test and gather data.

It takes on average 3 months to truly optimise a Google Ads campaign.

This involves many things, such as:

  • Establishing the best set-up/strategy
  • Blocking irrelevant search terms
  • Testing ad copy
  • Testing bidding strategies
  • Finding new keywords and eliminating low-quality keywords
  • …and much much more


It can take this full period to start getting the results you want so it’s important to continue for at least this period of time.


  • Platforms Configuration & Integration Included

    The Google platforms we work with are: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Ads & Looker Studio.

    We integrate these with your existing website, call, cart software and so on.

  • Landing/Sales Page Audit Included

    We provide actionable feedback on your existing assets so that budget isn't wasted on low-quality web pages.

    If you would like any support on improving your pages we can discuss this as an add-on service.

  • Market Research Included

    Every Industry/Niche is different and has its own benchmarks & averages. We will determine the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that we will be working towards based on these.

  • Competitor Research Included

    To win at Google Ads, you need to stand out.

    Being aware of what our competitors are doing will allow us to have a unique edge, in terms of both keywords and content.

  • Keyword Research Included

    Keywords and search terms are one of the biggest parts of Google Advertising as it determines the buyers intent.

    It is our job to check changes periodically and allow the minimum number of irrelevant search terms to show our ads and cause a low click-through-rate, wasted clicks and/or a low quality score – Google will punish you!

  • Copywriting Included

    Compelling copy grabs the user's attention amidst the competition on the search results page, enticing them to click on your ad.

    What many don't realise, is that it's just as important to repel the wrong people, as it is to stand out!

  • Google Ads Assets Set Up Included

    We will set up your Campaigns, Ad Groups & Ads.

    On top of this we will set up additional assets and ad extensions such as sitelinks, callouts, prices and more.

  • Ongoing Management & Optimisation Included

    We follow a set of Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Annual Checks to ensure the continuous improvement of your campaigns.

  • Dynamic Real-Time Reporting Included

    We build you a personalised dynamic real-time report containing the information that you are most interested in.

    You can view this at any time, and set any chosen date range to view your results.

  • Funnel Building & Web Design TBC

    Quotations Available Upon Request

We may ask for a minimum of 3 months, as depending on your budget, as sometimes this is how long it can take to get all of the data we need and get really great results for you.

I will pause your campaigns in their current state and disconnect my payment account depending on the set-up we agreed on.Β  You are free to keep the campaigns afterwards.

Yes, you’ll be given Admin level to any accounts that we create on your behalf.

The bare minimum we would recommend is Β£500-Β£1,000 per month, however, all industries and businesses are different.Β  If we had a much larger budget, depending on the industry, we would rarely spend it in the first month, until we had all the data we need and testing out of the way.Β  We may recommend more budget at a later date however this would be based on actual results, and be completely up to you.

No, you will pay the same flat rate throughout our contract apart from in highly rare and unforeseen circumstances, in which we would agree on before proceeding.

This would roll on to the following month and forever until for any reason we weren’t working together anymore.

Google marketing is a strategy which needs a lot of data to be successful.Β  Unfortunately, data costs time and money.Β  The larger budget we have to work with, the quicker we can fully understand and conquer your market and target audience.Β  This doesn’t mean that we cannot work with a smaller budget by any means!Β  It just means that it will take longer to get enough data to sensibly go aggressive in campaigns – this is with your best interests and minimum budget loss in mind!

This is why we ensure that all aspects of Google and tracking are fully integrated and working before starting any campaigns.Β  If you already have Google Analytics installed, then that’s great – we will have a solid starting point and should be able to see what pages your audience are the most engaged in, what devices they use, where they are, their gender and much more!

However, this isn’t always the case.Β  If Google isn’t already installed, then don’t fret – included in the price, this is the first thing we do which gives some time for basic data to build up while we do our market research and plan your first campaigns.

Just because something works for your competitors it does not mean it will work for you, so we always start conservative while we test the waters to ensure that minimum budget is wasted and you gain the most from your investment.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, but it doesn’t happen by doing nothing either, so get in touch and let’s get your business booming!

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