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Does My Business Need Facebook Ads or Google Ads

Does My Business Need Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

Whether to allocate budget to Facebook Ads or Google Ads is a frequently asked question by many marketers and business owners every day, and one I am going to answer for you today…

There are hundreds and thousands of confused business owners and marketers who spend more than enough on their ad campaigns but end up wasting precious budget because they don’t know what is the best platform to promote their products on and, which, without a well thought out strategy could end in disaster.

So, the easiest thing would be for me to tell you, well, you just need to look at your Business’s needs and your target audience!  And this is 100% true, but let me explain what that actually means.

So, where do I start?

You might be thinking that Facebook is the most popular social media platform so it is the best place to promote your business. Well, you could be right because Facebook has 2.45 billion active users that make it the most influential platform for you…

However, you need to consider the fact that Facebook is heavily based around popularity and brand awareness, so if a business already has a social following, then Facebook could be an ideal match, whereas, some businesses just don’t seem to fit into Social Media – this could be due to them targeting only Businesses, it could be to do with the demographics of the target audience or so many other things.  That’s for y0u to think about.

Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads work in different ways but are beneficial if used wisely. Also, both of the Ad networks can be used simultaneously to get good results.  Let’s take a look at a few of the different factors to take into consideration.


Facebook advertising generally looks a bit cheaper than Google Ads but the fact is that there is no significant difference and it totally depends on your strategy. Both have different cost models and you can go for whatever suits you. Either you want to pay when someone clicks your ad or want to pay per impression, it’s all up to you.


Both the platforms are flexible while choosing the target audience and provides you with a plethora of targeting options including but are not limited to age, interests, gender, location, and behaviours, etc.

While with Google Ads, you can mostly target the users that are searching for the services they immediately need.

Buyer Intent

When you are advertising on Facebook, you are generally putting your product or service in front of people who do not even know that they need it yet.

The difference between this and Google Ads, is that with Google Search Campaigns, you are literally targeting people who are actively searching for your specific product or service.  This is why Google usually costs more per website click than Facebook.

Let’s think about this logically…

A customer is moving to a new location and needs to hire movers. He won’t be looking for the movers and packers on Facebook, instead, he’ll prefer searching it on Google. So, to target the potential audience that is ready to buy your service, Google Ads would be the best.

Wrapping Up

So, are you any clearer on whether to go for Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

You’re going to hate me for this…go for both of them.

When used properly together, Facebook Ads and Google Ads combination wins all.  As, out of the 3.9 billion internet users, 2.45 billion are active on Facebook, you can use Facebook to spread a word about your business and if they are interested in your product or service, they’ll tend to search more about it on Google for sure.

So, we can say that the bottom-line is; attract and engage the audience with Facebook Ads and close them with Google Ads.

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