Google Ads Campaign Types 101 – A Quick Overview

Google Ads (Formerly AdWords) has a whole world inside it because it provides you with a plethora of tools and options to get the most out of your ad campaigns.

And yes, it allows you to set up six different types of campaigns for whichever suits your product and business. These campaign types are Display Network, Search Network, Video, Shopping, Universal Apps and Smart Campaigns. All these campaign types have different functionalities and features which let you set up your campaigns like a Boss.

In this post, we have reviewed the 6 campaign types and some quick comparisons. Let’s dig deep and explore them.

Different types of Google Campaigns

1: Google Search Campaigns

There are on average, 63,000 search queries processed by Google every second which is 3.78 million queries a minute, 226.8 million queries an hour, and 5.4 billion queries a day (Yes, there are 8 Zeros in 5.4 billion). It means we shouldn’t take the Search Network for granted.

In the Search Network (SN), your ads show next to search results. Not only on Google but also on Google Images, Shopping, Maps, and other search partners. The Search Network is ideal for most businesses, especially local businesses and it works well if you want to be on the #1 spot on Google

1.1: Search Network with Display Select (SNDS)

SNDS is smarter than SN because it not only places your text ads on search result pages but also it converts your text ads into responsive banner ads and place them on websites. While using this campaign type, you do not need to spend extra on creating your own graphical ads.

2: Google Display Campaigns

The Google Display Network (DN) is better known for displaying image and video ads over millions of websites. It allows you to set up your campaigns based on different factors such as impressions, visits, or actions.

Wondering what are the major benefits of Display Network?

Well, you can use it for building brand awareness. The most powerful feature I have found in the DN is that it allows you to display your ads on a certain website of your own choice, as well as, on YouTube.

Before we move to the Third campaign type, let’s have a quick and summarised comparison between the Search Network and Display Network.

  1. The Search Network contains some specific websites and apps where the ads can appear while the Display Network lets you advertise on millions of other websites, mobile sites, and apps.
  2. The Search Network gives you the ability to (try to) appear on top of the Google Search Engine while there is no such opportunity in the Display Network.
  3. In the Display Network, you can create brand awareness campaigns using custom-made graphics while the Search Network has no such option.

3: Google Shopping Campaigns

This campaign type is a great tool for you if you run an e-commerce store and want to give your users detailed information about your products even before they click the ad.

Google shopping campaigns seem a bit more simple than other campaign types because no ad creation or targeting is involved in it, however, don’t be fooled.  You will need to set up the Google Merchant Centre, as well as, some other complex configurations including a data feed of all of your products which you wish to be showcased – a developer is required for this a lot of the time.

4: Google Video Campaigns

“It Came, It Saw, It Conquered”. YouTube can’t better be explained than this famous quote from Julius Caesar. Ranked as the second most visited site on the internet, YouTube provides you with the opportunity to advertise your business to millions of its visitors daily.

There are several ad formats to choose from and you can even extend ads with mobile app installs and shopping campaigns. You can also promote your video content on YouTube.

5: Google App Campaigns

Got an app (new or old, whatever) and want to spread the word about it and drive sales? Don’t worry, Google Ad’s Universal App Campaign has got your back. It displays your advertisement on YouTube, Google Play Store, and across the Display Network, and encourages the viewers to download/install your app. All you need to do is add your app, supply some text, define your objectives, and leave the rest on Google.

6: Google Smart Campaigns

Smart Ads are like auto ads where you need to define a budget and provide some basic info about your campaigns and the rest is done by Google. But wait, it could be more annoying than other campaign types. Smart Ads have several drawbacks such as less control over your ads, reliability on the machine, and the level of risks. To get the best results at a reasonable cost, you should run manual ad campaigns instead of smart ad campaigns.

If you are unsure about whether a Smart Campaign is right for you, click here to learn more and make an educated decision.


So, these are the 6 campaign types that Google Ads offers you to advertise your business and get maximum exposure. It’s highly likely that you need Google Ads in order to reach your desired audience, as most of the small businesses out there are already taking benefits from it. If you don’t take it seriously, your competitors will outclass you and grab the market.