Why PPC and SEO Are Stronger Working Together as a Team

One and one make eleven and this quote fits very well when we talk about the implementation of PPC and SEO together while running an advertisement campaign. Although they are different in many ways, they increase the effectiveness of your ad campaign significantly.

And the question arises here is: why?

Let’s find out why PPC and SEO work together and increase the chances of your campaign’s success.

1: PPC helps you identify potential keywords

By looking at the PPC data, you can identify potential keywords to target. You can simply check out for the best ad copy to get an idea about page content, title tags, and Meta description, and you can use them in the pages which you want to rank naturally through SEO. It saves you a lot of time, and you know, time is money.

2: Increased Search Engine Visibility

By using PPC and SEO together, your chances of success increase significantly because if you manage to dominate organic and paid search results, it increases the visibility and reputation of your brand. Also, it increases the chances of your paid ad or organic result is clicked.

3: Increase On-site time

If your site is ranked for some specific keywords but the users don’t spend much time on your site, it can affect your SEO. So, by looking at the organic data in Analytics you can extract some fruitful keywords and run PPC ad campaigns to rank struggling pages. Remember, the more time on site by the users, the higher rankings on Google.

4: Data sharing between both strategies

While working on both PPC and SEO, you can look for the most successful keywords that have the highest conversion rate and use them to optimise both the campaigns and increase the effectiveness of the overall strategy.

5: PPC works as a testing ground for SEO

Are you unable to find the right keywords for your SEO campaign? It’s no big deal because PPC ad campaigns let you find the most clicked keywords, the pages and keywords with the best quality store, time on page, bounce rates, and many others. So, you instantly get data after you run the PPC campaign and can use it for your SEO campaigns.Β 

6: Helps in website content optimisation

As we have already said, both work well together. After you run your PPC campaign successfully, you can extract keywords with the higher conversion rates and use them in optimising your website’s content which increases your website’s overall quality.


I hope you now have a clear idea of why PPC and SEO are stronger when they work together as a team. If you want to outclass your competitors and fetch your visitors, you MUST use both of them together. It not only saves a lot of your time but also reduces the advertising cost. Moreover, it gives you more control over your data and audience.

Also, don’t forget that Google is continuously working on its algorithms and you need to update and upgrade yourself accordingly while running both the campaigns, or you may be outclassed by your competitors.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have the budget to do both now and need to choose,Β  learn here about which one is best suited for your business.