How to Max Out Attendance at your 3-5 Day Online Event So You Can Sell Out Your Programme

5 Day Challenge Bot in a Box is a fully guided 3-click-installable Facebook Messenger template that will ensure you get the maximum attendance during your launch.

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The secret to running a successful challenge launch with maximum engagement and live attendance

...because if they don’t show up, they can’t work with you

There are 3 big problems these days when it comes to launching using the “challenge” method

Problem #1

Facebook is no longer your friend. They will only notify a few people about your posts and you need to rely on the algorithm to get any reach

Problem #2

People check emails, but not so regularly, so if you are sending them a reminder for an event there is a good chance that they won’t see it on time.

Problem #3

Attendance is absolutely crucial for a launch to be a success. If Facebook and Email let you down, then it’s game over.

Does this sound like you...?


You’re sick of posting in your group and on your profile for only the same few people to see your posts each time. 


You know that only about 20% of people actually open your emails, and need a better way of reaching them.


You’ve seen some names using Facebook Messenger in their launches, but they paid BIG bucks for it which you don’t have at your disposal this time around.


You’ve done live events before where no one showed up and it was soul destroying. It can’t happen again…

Well, guess what?

This time it’s not going down like that...

What if there was a way for you to have it all? 

A way that will guarantee you high attendance, and that doesn’t break the bank in outsourcing fees or cost you your sanity

Your life before my solution

Your life after my solution

Step #1

Use a platform WHERE your audience is 80-90% likely to open your messages 

Step #2

Find a way of reaching your audience exactly WHEN you need to reach them 

Step #3

Find a ready-built template which requires zero building or tech skills on your part 

And why does any of this matter anyway?

If you have these 3 things in place, you will have a launch where your audience SHOW UP, ON TIME, AND DO THE WORK

And only then, can they decide to work with you.

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Hey, I'm Soph!

Sophie is a funnels and automation expert who dedicates her work to helping women in business to save time and make more money by implementing passive income systems. 

When she’s not busy saving the automation world, she’s busy being a mama to her son in Thailand.

I have just run my 5 day challenge with Sophie's 5 Day Challenge Chatbot in a Box and it was fantastic! Having the chatbot made such a difference to the challenge- I hit my goal for sign-ups and there was so much engagement during the 5 days which was 100% down to having the chatbot to remind people (and make me look professional!)

The bot was really simple to set up and Sophie's videos guided me step by step the whole way (I'm not very techy!) The whole thing took me around 4 hours to set up in total but I think I'll be quicker next time. I loved that I didn't need a landing page and people could sign up directly on messenger too. What's great is that, thanks to Sophie, I now I have an understanding of how it all works, so I can use it again in the future!

It has saved me so much time and it was much easier to set up than I thought it would be. It's an essential for anyone running a 5 day challenge!

Sophie, you were amazing! Super helpful whenever I had a question and I really appreciate how quickly you responded to me. Thank you so much for everything!
Chloe Lewin
Chloe Lewin
The Mama Method


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An easily installable plug & play template created with love for your Challenge, Masterclass, Webinar, Seminar, Bootcamp or 3-5 Day online event.

You will be able to...

Collect email addresses without needing any website or email software

If you have a website or email software they can be easily integrated, but otherwise no costly tech needed - money or time

Reach your audience from inside their pocket

not everyone checks email 20 times a day but they sure do check Facebook Messenger and/or text messages

Properly plan your content in advance for the event

So that you aren’t trying to work out what is going to happen when at the last minute

Have a completely customised and on-brand funnel

So that you can connect with your audience on a deeper level, even as far as your favourite emojis are concerned

Have messages that automatically go out to your audience when you need them to

Knowing that you are 100% compliant with Facebook regulations and that the people who you want to know something, will know it

Be guided for every step of the way with pre-recorded demo videos

You don't need to sit and LEARN anything. You just follow the simple process that I demonstrate on-screen

Get personalised assistance if needed

With the "help" link located on every single lesson that come directly through to me

Feel empowered at the end by the amazing thing you have produced

And also have the confidence to do it again next time

Recycle and reuse the template as many times as you like

So you don't need to create a new one each time or purchase it mutiple times.

Set up exactly the things you need to

Without having to learn the entire platform or feel lost behind the scenes

...and it uses the EXACT same template that I have used with so many happy clients...for a fraction of the cost of done for you services...

From the first email, to process recommendations through to completion of the project, Sophie Nicole Casey at Casey Marketing Creations has been a breath of fresh air.

I have been a business owner for some time, but new to the online space and Sophie's expert guidance and support has been invaluable.

She took the time to explain everything along the way to make for a seamless integration of content for the 5 day challenge I ran in May 2021. The execution was spot on and I would highly recommend her services, both the established businesses and those new the the online world. Thanks Sophie Nicole Casey
Caroline Taylor
Dr Caroline Taylor
The Slim Pet Vet

What’s included in 5 Day Challenge Bot in a Box?


Super Speedy Set-Up

You will set up your account and learn how to use the platform

What's included

1. Super Speedy Set-Up Mockup Image

Especially For You:

Each video is very short, this section should take you no time at all. 


Challenge Content Planning

Fill in the gaps in my pre-crafted Content Plan. This is often the hardest part, and something you will need to do if you outsource 😉.

What's included​

2. Challenge Content Planning Mockup Image

Especially For You:

You also have access to an example of a pre-completed plan for inspiration, and a video walkthrough of completing the content plan.


Instant Installation

You will receive a unique installation link and install the entire template in just a few clicks – don’t be overwhelmed by the list, I did all the hard work for you already!

What's included

3. Instant Installation Mockup Image

Especially for you:

If you have ever had this before as a done for you service by myself, then there are additional instructions just for you there.


Complete Customisation

In this section we make it absolutely yours!

What's included​

4. Complete Customisation Mockup Image

Especially For You:

I created an additional GIF worksheet so you can see them all in one place, and a bonus demo of how to find and save ones you prefer to my chosen ones. 


Effortless Email Collection

I will show you how to link up your email marketing software (if you have it) so you can email them when they register via the bot.

What's included

5. Effortless Email Collection Mockup Image

Especially for you:

I also include a pre-made leads Google Sheet so that if you don’t have email marketing software you can pop them all there to use later


Editing with Ease

Make a mistake?  Want to do something out of the box?  Have no fear, this is here!

What's included​

6. Editing with Ease Mockup Image

Especially For You:

I add to these as and when additional support is requested, so if you need something that’s not there, simply use the “help” link in any lesson and let me know!


Let's go LIVE!

Here we do what needs to be done to get you live and collecting registrations!

What's included

7. Let's Go Live Mockup Image

Especially for you:

I also include mobile phone demos so you can see exactly how it looks on your mobile


Schedule & Send

Here we get all the messages that go out during your challenge ready – you can already be collecting registrations when you do this part!

What's included​

8. Schedule & Send Mockup Image

Especially For You:

I also include a “Scheduling Bible” PDF as a quick reference on when and how each messages needs to be scheduled for your event.



Just a few extra bits to help you on your mission!

What's included

9. Bonus Section Mockup Image

Especially for you:

I also include mobile phone demos so you can see exactly how it looks on your mobile

Sophie is a complete superstar. She had unbelievable knowledge of all things manychat and just gets on with it. She always get back to me on time and ensured I was EU compliant with all the new regs. Highly recommended 😃
Gilly Thompson
Gilly Thompson

Here's a sneaky peak inside...

Play Video about Watch Me First Video Cover
BEST £97 I have ever spent
Photo of Laurie Burrows
Laurie Burrows
The Strategy Queen

5 Day Challenge Bot in a Box

5 Day Challenge Bot in a Box Full Mockup Image

Total Value: $2,573

Normal Price: $297

Today’s Price: $147

Sophie is wonderful to work with, efficient, calm, no fuss. She helped me set up my bot in many chat for a challenge I ran. I had previously had someone else run it and Sophie managed to sort it all out, get it working properly and within the rules. Really appreciate your help Sophie and will be back for more support x
Joanne Jones
Joanne Jones
Can Do Speech Therapy

And as if that isn't enough...

Because apparently I just love to give! 😁

I am also throwing in some more BONUSES to help you reach your destination faster and with even less stress!

Bonus - Ultimate Challenge Trello Board Mockup Image

1. Ultimate Challenge Trello Board

We both know that the Facebook Messenger Bot is just a small part a big project. Launching is no small feat, so I have included an ULTIMATE Trello Board to help you plan your entire challenge launch!

Bonus - Editable Challenge Image Templates Mockup Image

2. Editable Image Templates

You will also get access to my Canva templates so that you can create your own branded Challenge and Social Media Images for your bot.

Bonus - My Secret Method of Getting Even HIGHER Attendance Mockup Image

3. My Secret Method of Getting Even HIGHER Attendance

A mini-training where I show you how you can easily add all of your events into one simple link to add an extra layer of certainty that your audience can show up on time.

Screenshot of 5DCBIAB Feedback

5 Day Challenge Bot in a Box

5 Day Challenge Bot in a Box Full Mockup Image

Total Value: $2,573

Normal Price: $297

Today’s Price: $147

Sophie is a dream to work with. Her expert advice and work behind the scenes helped me hugely when I was preparing to run a 5 Day Challenge. I had complete confidence and peace of mind that my messenger bot was ready to go after working with Sophie. If you are at all considering outsourcing anything to do with social media, Facebook or Google ads, website design or email marketing she is the person you need.
Nicole Brule-Walker
Nicole Brule-Walker
Innate Life Force Method

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the template even after receiving my support after 7 days, I will offer you a full refund, scouts honour.

Make your payment today, and you don’t even have to worry about being tied to anything!

Please note that if you have already used the template to collect live registrations or send out messages, this 7 day period will no longer apply.

The point is, if it don’t work for you, you ain’t out of pocket 😉

5 Day Challenge Bot Feedback 2

The clock is ticking

I don’t know if you’ve ever done any research on this, but normally a set up like this costs around £500-£5000. So, yes you’re absolutely right – this price is way too good to be true!

But this price is only available to you for the next hour and after that you will be redirected to the normal price of £97 (which is also a no-brainer cost).

And no, this isn’t one of those fake scarcity kind of things just to make you panic and take action, you can check the timer at the top of the page.

Honestly, it’s a steal.

I may need to get my head checked for giving you it at this price.

And as you know I specialise in marketing – if I didn’t have a deadline, you should be worried about my skills in that area 😉

I love working with Sophie. She’s quick and efficient. She has now set up Many Chat for my three five day trainings. They went off with a hitch and was always quick to answer questions if there were any. I would one hundred percent recommend her!
Judy Smith
Judy Smith
Judy Smith Coaching

Is 5 Day Challenge Bot in a Box for you?

This is perfect for you if:

This is not for you if:

Screenshot of 5DCBIAB Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

Well it depends on how organised you are already with your challenge, but as an example:

  • Plan your content (excludes scheduling tasks in your Facebook group) – 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Install the template and insert your content into the boxes provided: 10 minutes
  • Upload your images for the event and your social media channels: 10 minutes
  • Schedule your messenger messages: 30 minutes to 1 hour

You can follow along with the videos, so that aspect shouldn’t add much onto it.

Just remember this – even if you hire someone to do this for you, you will still need to provide the content.  In fact, you will probably have to provide more content that you need to with this product, as I have pre-empted a lot of it for you, leaving minimal effort on your part.

Don’t worry, the on-screen demos show you exactly how to set up your account from the very beginning.

Even if you go wrong or change your mind about something, the editing section has a lesson for anything you might need.

Finally, I will always be here to help you.  This isn’t one of those online courses where the creator is first and last seen in a Facebook Ad and nowhere after that, I am a real person, trying to make your life easier.

Absolutely!  As long as you wish to collect email registrations, and send out messages to the people who registered, this product has got you covered.

The editing section will show you how to make any edits that you need to.

If you are stuck on anything, simply get in touch and I will be happy to help.

Absolutely, when you purchase the product, simply toggle on the option to include a Done for You service, and me and my team will get that done for you.

You will still need to complete the content section and provide images, you can view the done for you option here.

I would be highly surprised if your event is so unique that this template cannot be used for it, but if that is the case, and we have spoken about it and established that the template isn’t right for your purposes, you will be fully refunded in accordance with the Guarantee section above, that is my promise.

This is the main reason I started developing the template, yes it will still work.

What’s more, is I’m always on top of my game and updating this to fit in with any changes as they are released (this is happening a lot!) so you will always be 100% compliant with the regulations.

Of course, I don’t expect every business owner to do this themselves – the beauty of it, is you don’t need to spend hours having your VA or Project Manager upskill.

Just let them follow the super straightforward step by step instructions, while you focus on other things.

You may need to look over the content plan to confirm the logistics of it, but leave the tech to them!

If you check out the editing section of the course, everything is there that you need to make the tiny tweaks you need to make.

If it’s a 3 days event, when it comes to sending out messages, simply don’t send out days 4 and 5.

If it’s more, just reuse another day and tweak the message.

I can not recommend Sophie enough, she is honestly fantastic. She is knowledgeable and helpful, often going above and beyond to make sure my every need was met! I will definitely be using Sophie again and have been recommending her to all of my business friends! Thank you Sophie!
Niki Dykes
Niki Dykes
The Anti-Diet Body Love Coach

Are you ready to have the successful launch you’ve been dreaming of?

If you’re not already excited about having a fully functional chatbot installed and ready to go in a few clicks, then I’m probably preaching to the wrong choir by now.

The simple fact is: if you are reading this, then you are probably running an online event, and need to make sure the people who sign up, show up! 

But you don’t have time to learn an in-depth new skill, nor to pay your team to do that, and least of all do you want to outsource it at agency rates!

On top of that, you want to build your audience and collect email signups which you can store in a cute little list somewhere and save for a rainy day, or get them straight into your email marketing funnel

So what are you waiting for?  Click below and get started now.  GO!

5 Day Challenge Bot in a Box

5 Day Challenge Bot in a Box Full Mockup Image

Total Value: $2,573

Normal Price: $297

Today’s Price: $147

Casey is amazing!!! Super patient and professional. I called her 2 days before my 5 day challenge because I wanted to set up a bot. She was so understanding even though it was a last minute job. The bot was perfect 😍 I really enjoyed working with her and can't wait for our next project together. Thank you so much Casey 💓
Lihi Avishai
Lihi Avishai
Parenting Coach