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Top 5 Most Common Google Ads Myths and Misconceptions

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Believe it or not, Google generated about 116.3 billion US dollars of revenue in 2018 through the Google Ads platform. So, we can simply outclass the biggest myth about Google Ads, i.e., it’s a scam. Launched in October 2000, the Google Ads was initially named Google AdWords and currently, it is the largest media company in the world.

Since its launch, Google Ads platform has been victimised by its competitors and you must have listened to many negative stories about it which are no more than a myth. So, today I have decided to bust some most hyped Google Ads myths and misconceptions.


Remember one thing.

If there is no myth or a superstitious story about a brand, a product, or a celebrity, that means people have no interest in it. So, every single myth about Google Ads itself shows that it is one of the most popular advertising platforms.

Okay, no more stories, let’s move to the first myth now.

Myth – 1: Google Ads gives Supersonic results

Really? Google Ads is no joke, sir. In my opinion, Google Ads is an art and you must be an artist in order to pluck the fruit, but it takes time. In the beginning, you need to test and optimize your campaigns before reaching to a conclusion. You may start getting ad impressions and visits from the very first day, but you need to look at it closely for about a couple of weeks or maybe, months.

Myth – 2: I am an SEO Guru, so I don’t need Google Ads

One and one make eleven. Likewise, SEO and Google Ads gives you the best results when implemented together. Actually, Google Ads works as a supporting agent for a website which is already being optimized and it can rank your site quickly. Not supersonically, please keep it in mind.

Myth – 3: I can set up Google Ads by myself

Let me give you a serious suggestion here. If you are totally new to this platform, you should consult with a Google Ads professional because it isn’t a walk in the park. Why professionals? Because they have enough experience and knowledge to cut your cost and save your time and money. Plus, they analyse the results and keep changing the strategies for the best possible results.

Myth – 4: Google Ads is all about search engine, nothing else

No, Google is a giant and has much more for you as an advertiser. Google uses several powerful platforms for advertising purposes which includes YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play, and the Google Display Network which includes over a million Google web display partners around the world. So, it’s not just about the search engine, your ads can be displayed on your favourite websites based on the keywords and topics.

Myth – 05: Google Ads cost a Kidney

It is one of the most common myths about Google Ads that only large companies can sow and reap their fruits via Google Ads. But let me clarify that Google Ads is the perfect tool for small businesses too. If you are not an expert, it may cost you a lot but if you target your audience more precisely and pinpoint the particular region where you are looking for the leads, it can reduce your cost surprisingly. As I have already said, you should get the experts’ opinion and take their help in order to get the best results in low cost.


So, these were the 5 most popular Google Ads myths and misconceptions, and there would be many others. Remember one thing, if you want to get exposure, don’t underrate Google Ads. And if you don’t know how to get exposure, let a Google Ads professional do it for you.

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