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Facebook Ads First Steps Cover

Facebook Ads First Steps

In this course I cover:

Lesson 1

  • What are Facebook Ads
  • The different ways of running ads
  • The difference between Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads
  • What is a campaign, ad set and ad

Lesson 2

  • How to navigate your way around Business Manager/Ads Manager

Lesson 3

  • How to create and set up Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads
  • How to write the primary copy, headline and description
  • How to edit your ad images so they look good in different placements

Lesson 4 (Optional | Advanced)

  • What is the Pixel
  • How to install the pixel
  • How to check the pixel is installed
  • How to set up basic events (for conversions campaigns)
  • How to check that your tracking/conversions are set up correctly

Lesson 5

  • Where to find the results for your ads
  • How to look at your data
  • How to create reports

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