The Evergreen Epiphany

How to Plan a Profitable Funnel for Your Coaching or Info-Product Business

For Successful Coaches & Course Creators ready to Scale to the Next Level. 

Create an Actionable Roadmap to Grow your Audience and Generate Passive Income

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Are you ready to Scale Past 6 Figures Without Burnout?

Over the 3 Days You'll...

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The Evergreen Epiphany

Discover Your Perfect Automated System to Reach Your Financial Goals without Burnout

More Money, More Time, More Freedom


Are you ready to Plan a Profitable Funnel?

How it's Going to Go Down...

Day 1 - Mindset & Goal Setting
If you think like a 7 Figure Business Owner, you'll get there faster.

Learn how you can use Automation as a way to scale past 6 figures without burnout.

We are also going to establish your immediate goals to focus on first to allow the fastest progress.

I cover the funnel basics, including how they can be used if you have Launch Business Model
Day 2 - The Secret to Funnel Success
On Day 2 I will uncover some of the biggest mistakes that Business Owners make when creating automated systems.

It's not just what to do, but also what not to do.

We will also establish the people and the pieces that are going to go into your funnel.
Day 3 - Principles of Funnel Building & The Funnel Formula
On Day 3 we link it all together!

We plan out the FASTEST and EASIEST way for you to achieve your goals from a COLD audience.

You will plan a funnel that you can start work on immediately.
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Are You Ready to Automate the Hell out of 2023?

Are You Ready to Get Clear on How to Scale without Needing a Clone?

The Evergreen Empire Blueprint

About Me

Sophie Nicole Casey is a Digital Marketer based in Thailand with her baby boy Bua,Β specialising in Marketing Funnels.

Specifically, how to grow and scale using Funnels, Tech & Automation.

Sophie launched her Digital Marketing agency β€œCasey Marketing Creations” in 2016.

As well as β€œDone For You” services, Sophie teaches established business owners how to do these things themselves (with the help of templates), so that they canΒ keep it DIY and not lose touch with their business.

Other than the experience of overΒ 7 years in the Industry, Sophie studied Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and many other related areas at The Shaw Academy, is certified in ManyChat, Google Ads (Search, Display, YouTube), and has studied the Facebook Blueprint.

Sophie’s favourite things are travel,Β being Bua’s mama, enjoying a beer at sunset and basically doing anything that involves being a kid again. Oh and cheeeeeese. Anything with cheeseΒ πŸ§€πŸ€€

Are automated sales on the Horizon?

The Evergreen Epiphany

How to Achieve Your Next Financial Milestone without Burnout by using Automation to Generate Passive Income & Recurring Revenue

More Money, More Time, More Freedom

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