If you are offering a service or a product and not considering Facebook advertising to promote your business, you are going to regret it soon.Β  In this article, I give you 11 reasons why your business needs to use Facebook Ads.

If you are not spending money on Facebook advertising then you are losing money, because:

1: Your Customers’ Second Home is Facebook

From a 13-year old child to a 65-year-old retiree, everyone is spending lots of time on Facebook. Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users and you can easily target them.

2: Pinpoint Audience

Facebook enables you to pinpoint the exact audience based on a plethora of factors and engage them. None of the other platforms can provide you with that much-targeted audience.

3: Real-time Results and Analysis

With Facebook advertising, you can analyse the results in realtime and make changes into your strategy straight away if needed that is not possible in other advertising means.

4: It’s Lightning-Fast

It is a matter of an hour to select your targeted audience and start reaching them. From the selection of the targeted audience to setting a budget and running ads, Facebook advertising is a piece of cake. But wait, audience selection is an art in itself so you need to work on your audience selection and keep changing it until you get the perfect audience.

5: Explore New Markets

With Facebook advertising, you can promote your product or service to new markets around the world.

6: Join Your Competitors

Your competitors are already plucking the fruit on Facebook by running ads, why should you leave them alone? Don’t let them dominate the market and give them a tough time by making a strong and effective appearance on Facebook.

7: Facebook Advertising > Organic Facebook

It is a fact that users prefer Google for organic search and there is almost no place for organic marketing on Facebook. Whatever target you need to achieve on Facebook, Facebook advertising is your only chance there.

8: Flexible Budget Options

Facebook advertising gives you full control over your budget. You can set a minimum or maximum daily or lifetime budget and change it any time, but remember, selecting the wrong audience may result in wastage of money, so better to take help of a Facebook advertising expert.

9: Best for Brand Awareness

Facebook advertising can effectively be used to spread a word about your brand or new products and aware people about the services and products you are offering.

10: Boosts SEO rankings

Did you know that Google ranks your website based on over 200 factors? Yes, it is true, and one of the most important factors is social signals. Every time your post gets commented, shared or liked, it improves your search engine rankings indirectly.

11: It is in Everyone’s Hands

According to this report, 96% of the Facebook users access their Facebook accounts through mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. So, there is a huge market waiting for you to come and conquer it. All you have to do is follow the trends, and it is all yours.

Wrapping Up

Facebook advertising is pure love when it comes to business but remember, it won’t work overnight. You need to spend lots of time and try several strategies to make it work. To get most out of it, you should use a Facebook advertising service or you may end up spending money on the wrong audience.

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