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Facebook Ads: Novice to Ninja VIP Package


Facebook Ads: Novice to Ninja VIP Package includes access to my online full course “Facebook Ads: Novice to Ninja”, 4 one-to-one strategy and/or training sessions with me, and access to my private Facebook Ads Course.

Scroll down for full information and payment plans.

What's Included?

The VIP package includes:

  • Full Lifetime access to the online course worth £750
  • 4x 1-hour one-to-one sessions with me to work on your strategy or train you any aspects of Digital Marketing worth £800. This can be in any of the following areas:
    • Facebook Advertising
    • Google Ads (PPC)
    • WordPress Development/Web Design
    • Email Marketing
    • SEO
    • Lifetime access to my private ‘Facebook Ads: Novice to Ninja’ Facebook support group worth £200 which includes:
      • Industry news and updates – always be on top of your game
      • Facebook Ads technical support
      • Discuss Facebook Ads with other students/graduates
      • Me! I will personally be moderating and responding to posts/queries
      • Become an affiliate and earn by referring
      • All for just £1000! Normally worth £1750
      • Alternatively, you can pay in 4 payments of £262.50
      • Either way, you are saving a minimum of £700!
  • This online course has been designed to teach anyone to be able to create and manage Facebook Ad Campaigns on a professional level.

No previous knowledge or experience is required, only a Facebook account.

View full course content and watch Section 1 of the course for free for more information.

Payment Options

Please see payment options below.

If you wish to pay via payment plan you will receive a unique code to access the course manually.

If you fail to keep up with payments without getting in touch and discussing your options with me then you will be instantly removed from the course and all groups, and you will receive no further one-to-one sessions with me. 

I ask that you communicate as early as possible in the case of any circumstances where you believe you may not be able to keep up with payments.

By clicking any of the buttons below, you understand and agree to these terms.

Facebook Ads: Novice to Ninja is an online course designed to teach anyone to be able to create and manage Facebook Ad Campaigns at a professional level. 

No previous knowledge or experience is required, only a Facebook account.

View full course content and watch Section 1 of the course for free for more information.

What You Will Learn in the Course

☑️Be able to confidently navigate both Facebook and Business Manager

☑️Be able to build a solid strategy based on data you have available

☑️Understand the difference between the different campaign objectives and structures, and be able to choose which is best for yours or your client’s business

☑️Be able to easily map out and set-up Campaigns, Ad-Sets and Ads

☑️Learn how to easily make edits to existing campaigns

☑️Understand what is the Facebook pixel, how it works and how to use it

☑️Learn how to fully test and share your campaigns on different platforms/devices

☑️Know how to find and understand your campaign results, and output the information as you please

☑️Learn about different types of ad-copy and how to write it

☑️Learn about different types of ad creative and ad formats, and how and when to use what one

☑️Learn about targeting and how to find out about your perfect audience using tools within Business Manager

☑️Learn how to create, install and use the Facebook Pixel

☑️Learn how to edit your images without paying for special design software

☑️Learn where to find high-quality images for free

☑️Learn some other tools and tricks of the trade

☑️Learn how to do your own organic marketing to show your expertise and get leads

☑️Be able to choose accurate and detailed targeting using strategies and data from previous campaigns

☑️Be able to install the Facebook Pixel to the website

☑️Create Custom Conversions

☑️Create Custom Audiences

☑️Learn how to A/B test and Optimise

☑️Be confident in setting up retargeting campaigns

☑️Be able to access, set up and use the different types of assets available to you including Catalogues and more

☑️Learn how to navigate and link MailChimp and ActiveCampaign

☑️Learn how to set up basic automation using Zapier



👉9 Sections, 46 lessons, including 22 real-life recorded on-screen how-to demonstrations

👉All lessons have video, subtitles and transcript, allowing you to learn in your preferred way

👉Access to the Facebook group with other students and experts

👉The ability to ask me questions directly

👉You can learn quickly – everything you need is compiled into one place

👉Lifetime access to the course including all new content following your purchase

👉The course will be updated ad-hoc with changes to Facebook

👉Facebook ads is a growing industry with more and more businesses using it every day

👉BONUS: an entire section dedicated to teaching how to use 3 of the best Google Tools

👉BONUS: free training by Chanel Morales, founder of The Dream Club – launching an online business

👉BONUS: free training by Lisa Barry of Lisa Barry Online – generate leads by mission-led content

👉BONUS: top free online tools and top free apps (Android and iOS) to do a professional job with none of the extra costs


🙌the course is fully comprehensive and will only continue to grow as I add more content as times change

🙌learn in a way that suits you – reading, listening or watching

🙌no more trying to rely on step by step instructions like most courses, see exactly how to do it as though live in person

🙌ask any questions, keep up with industry updates, meet other like-minded people

🙌learn from the master herself! I am always here to support you and fill in any gaps or assist where needed

🙌the time you will save by doing this course will allow you to get into the field and start making money quicker

🙌rather than you having to read hundreds of pages of instructions from Facebook Help pages, I have put together exactly what you need to know to get the job done!

🙌take the course as many times as you want or need

🙌Facebook changes on a monthly basis, this way you will always stay on top of your game!

🙌you can take new lessons as they become available

🙌Facebook ads is a growing industry with more and more businesses using it every day – there will always be a demand!


Got Some Doubts?


⁉️Why would I pay for a course when I could source all of the information online for free?

Do you have time to read the entire Facebook help and watch hundreds of YouTube videos made by people with different opinions and agendas? If so, feel free!

In my course I have procured the most relevant, up to date information needed to complete the job on a professional level in the easiest to digest and least time-consuming way, enabling you to take your time over the things that matter more.

Also, the Official Facebook Guidelines offer no teachings in terms of strategy and experience. It just teaches the black and white facts.  

Let’s face it: if every business and strategy was the same then there would be no need for any Facebook ads specialists in the world; they would be able to write the skill into robots and programs 😉

⁉️I don’t have time to do the course with my job and little ones

As a new mother, I totally feel you there!

Think of it as a one-time learning investment.

You will have lifetime access to the course so you are completely in control of your progress.  Make time and learn the skill just once and use it for the rest of your life

⁉️It’s too expensive

It’s cheaper than hiring the average marketing agency, and you will be able to save the amount in the first month!

Most agencies would start their fees at £1,000, excluding the ad-spend.  Think of the cost of this course as the same, but with the ad spend included and where you are the manager!


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