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5 Day Challenge Bot in a Box


5 Day Challenge Bot in a Box is a custom made template for ManyChat, crafted by me, Sophie Nicole Casey.

Collect registrations for your Bootcamp or Challenge without needing a landing page, and automatically contact everyone who signs up for your event prior to important things such as group openings, daily tasks, lives, and early-bird bonuses ending.

It’s perfect for business owners who are running an online event and need to first collect email registrations, and later contact them to remind them about the event and send other important updates.

  • No need to train up your team
  • No expensive outsourcing fees
  • Your entire bot can be built with all content scheduled in a few hours

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BEST £97 I have ever spent
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Laurie Burrows
The Strategy Queen
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An easily installable plug & play template created with love for your Challenge, Masterclass, Webinar, Seminar, Bootcamp or 3-5 Day online event.

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You will be able to...

Collect email addresses without needing any website or email software

If you have a website or email software they can be easily integrated, but otherwise no costly tech needed - money or time

Reach your audience from inside their pocket

not everyone checks email 20 times a day but they sure do check Facebook Messenger and/or text messages

Properly plan your content in advance for the event

So that you aren’t trying to work out what is going to happen when at the last minute

Have a completely customised and on-brand funnel

So that you can connect with your audience on a deeper level, even as far as your favourite emojis are concerned

Have messages that automatically go out to your audience when you need them to

Knowing that you are 100% compliant with Facebook regulations and that the people who you want to know something, will know it

Be guided for every step of the way with pre-recorded demo videos

You don't need to sit and LEARN anything. You just follow the simple process that I demonstrate on-screen

Get personalised assistance if needed

With the "help" link located on every single lesson that come directly through to me

Feel empowered at the end by the amazing thing you have produced

And also have the confidence to do it again next time

Recycle and reuse the template as many times as you like

So you don't need to create a new one each time or purchase it mutiple times.

Set up exactly the things you need to

Without having to learn the entire platform or feel lost behind the scenes

...and it uses the EXACT same template that I have used with so many happy clients...for a fraction of the cost of done for you services...

I have just run my 5 day challenge with Sophie's 5 Day Challenge Chatbot in a Box and it was fantastic! Having the chatbot made such a difference to the challenge- I hit my goal for sign-ups and there was so much engagement during the 5 days which was 100% down to having the chatbot to remind people (and make me look professional!)

The bot was really simple to set up and Sophie's videos guided me step by step the whole way (I'm not very techy!) The whole thing took me around 4 hours to set up in total but I think I'll be quicker next time. I loved that I didn't need a landing page and people could sign up directly on messenger too. What's great is that, thanks to Sophie, I now I have an understanding of how it all works, so I can use it again in the future!

It has saved me so much time and it was much easier to set up than I thought it would be. It's an essential for anyone running a 5 day challenge!

Sophie, you were amazing! Super helpful whenever I had a question and I really appreciate how quickly you responded to me. Thank you so much for everything!
Chloe Lewin
Chloe Lewin
The Mama Method

What’s included in 5 Day Challenge Bot in a Box?


Super Speedy Set-Up

You will set up your account and learn how to use the platform

What's included

1. Super Speedy Set-Up Mockup Image

Especially For You:

Each video is very short, this section should take you no time at all. 


Challenge Content Planning

Fill in the gaps in my pre-crafted Content Plan. This is often the hardest part, and something you will need to do if you outsource 😉.

What's included​

2. Challenge Content Planning Mockup Image

Especially For You:

You also have access to an example of a pre-completed plan for inspiration, and a video walkthrough of completing the content plan.


Instant Installation

You will receive a unique installation link and install the entire template in just a few clicks – don’t be overwhelmed by the list, I did all the hard work for you already!

What's included

3. Instant Installation Mockup Image

Especially for you:

If you have ever had this before as a done for you service by myself, then there are additional instructions just for you there.


Complete Customisation

In this section we make it absolutely yours!

What's included​

4. Complete Customisation Mockup Image

Especially For You:

I created an additional GIF worksheet so you can see them all in one place, and a bonus demo of how to find and save ones you prefer to my chosen ones. 


Effortless Email Collection

I will show you how to link up your email marketing software (if you have it) so you can email them when they register via the bot.

What's included

5. Effortless Email Collection Mockup Image

Especially for you:

I also include a pre-made leads Google Sheet so that if you don’t have email marketing software you can pop them all there to use later


Editing with Ease

Make a mistake?  Want to do something out of the box?  Have no fear, this is here!

What's included​

6. Editing with Ease Mockup Image

Especially For You:

I add to these as and when additional support is requested, so if you need something that’s not there, simply use the “help” link in any lesson and let me know!


Let's go LIVE!

Here we do what needs to be done to get you live and collecting registrations!

What's included

7. Let's Go Live Mockup Image

Especially for you:

I also include mobile phone demos so you can see exactly how it looks on your mobile


Schedule & Send

Here we get all the messages that go out during your challenge ready – you can already be collecting registrations when you do this part!

What's included​

8. Schedule & Send Mockup Image

Especially For You:

I also include a “Scheduling Bible” PDF as a quick reference on when and how each messages needs to be scheduled for your event.



Just a few extra bits to help you on your mission!

What's included

9. Bonus Section Mockup Image

Especially for you:

I also include mobile phone demos so you can see exactly how it looks on your mobile

Screenshot of 5DCBIAB Feedback

Here's a sneaky peak inside...

Play Video about Watch Me First Video Cover
Screenshot of 5DCBIAB Feedback

5 Day Challenge Bot in a Box

5 Day Challenge Bot in a Box Full Mockup Image

Total Value: £1,973

Today’s Price: $147

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