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ChatBot Done For You Terms & Conditions

Amendment: 04.12.2022

  1. If you did not select the “Super Speedy Set Up” option at there time of purchase, we cannot guarantee registration ready within 3 working days of receiving the content plan

Publish date: 16.08.2021

  1. If you do not provide final content requested by the deadline we provide we may be unable to complete this service.
  2. In this situation, you will not be refunded due to time and work already undertaken during the project and taking up a client space within our organisation
  3. If you submit content late and we are able to still provide the service, we will not be responsible for any human error which occurred due to this
  4. If you have not been given a specific deadline and you are running an event:
    1. the deadline for initial content is a minimum of 4 weeks before the event starts
    2. the deadline for final content is a minimum of 2 weeks before the event starts
  5. Once we receive the initial content from you we will provide the first draft for feedback and edits within a week from receipt
  6. If Facebook does not deliver a message that we have sent we are not responsible for this unless we have broken any rules according to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Regulations.
  7. If you fail to take any recommendation from us then we cannot be held responsible for any problem which arises as a result of it
  8. Our fees exclude any 3rd party costs including your ManyChat subscription and SMS costs
  9. These terms & conditions work in addition to our full terms of business โ€“ย https://www.caseymarketingcreations.com/terms-and-conditions-business/