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What to Expect in the World of Facebook 2021

In this first live training of 2021 I talk about what to expect with all of the recent changes across Digital Marketing.
Between the EU Privacy Changes affecting Facebook Ads and Chatbots, and now the iOS 14 Release which brings even more chaos, it is CRITICAL that we change our strategies and start to do what is really going to work for us this year.
⭐️ I go over the main changes which have taken/will take place for those of you who missed the updates at the end of 2020
⭐️ I will give you ideas, tips and tricks that you can do to make the best of the changes
With these points in mind, you should be able to start off the year on the right track and not be too overwhelmed or disadvantaged by all that’s going on.

Thanks for watching, please feel free to comment with any questions.


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