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The Story Behind Casey Marketing Creations [Vlog]

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick post to explain who I am; the real me behind Casey Marketing Creations.

I have recently created a YouTube channel with the intention of providing you, online business owners, with free advice, tips and how-to’s to enable you to go that little bit further and turn those website visitors into paying leads.

Unfortunately, neither public speaking nor videography are on my resume, but I want my clients to know the REAL person behind Casey Marketing Creations, and while I work with a team of experts where needed, it is me who you will be dealing with first hand, who will be creating your personalised strategy with you and implementing it, and it will be me teaching you how to do things yourself, removing the need to pay developers through the roof rates.  

About Me

I am a digital marketeer currently located in the beautiful World that is Thailand!  After realising for the first time that I didn’t need to live in England (or Spain for that matter!) to work I decided to leave and carry out my business from paradise…

As founder of Casey Marketing Creations, I work closely with a team of carefully chosen (and awesome!) professionals who help to deliver in my mission, meaning you don’t have to deal with multiple companies and can save a lot of time and money in the process.

Think of us as a slightly spread out one-stop-shop!

About the Vlog

Who is this for?

– Those who want a better understanding of what goes on in the background of your website
– Those who want to be less reliant on your developer (and save money in the process!)
– Those who want to be able to turn leads into conversions via retargeting

How will this benefit you?

– Less code on your website means a faster website – great for SEO
– Less relying on your developer to make back-end changes
– The ability to track actions by your customers including page views, clicks and much more (the list is endless) – this means you can re-target and turn leads into conversions
– You will learn how to check and test that all of these actions on your website are being reported – in real time!

How does this work?

The video are recorded in chapters of approximately 5 videos per chapter.

Chapter 1 is called Tracking.

Included in the chapter:

  1. How to configure your Google Analytics Settings to ensure that you are collecting the correct data that you later need to retarget your audience and turn leads into conversions
  2. How to set up Google Tag Manager to begin to track actions on your website such as button and form clicks, how to test that it is configured correctly, and how to enable retargeting on Google Analytics
  3. How to correctly configure Google Search Console and why it’s so important for SEO
  4. How to set up and link Google Ads to both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  5. TBC – dependent on feedback from other lessons and audience requirements to complete the tracking chapter

Chapter 2 is also TBC, again this is going to be about what YOU guys want to learn about!

Your feedback is crucial so please let me know:

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