How to Make Your Virtual Event a Success

How to Make Your Virtual Event a Success

How to Make Your Virtual Event a Success Photo byΒ Karolina GrabowskaΒ fromΒ Pexels In this article, I am going to talk you through the things you need to consider and put into place tech-wise to make your virtual event a success – everything-wise! This is Part 2 of a 2-part series that I wrote to show you […]

What to Expect in the World of Facebook 2021

In this first live training of 2021 I talk about what to expect with all of the recent changes across Digital Marketing. Between the EU Privacy Changes affecting Facebook Ads and Chatbots, and now the iOS 14 Release which brings even more chaos, it is CRITICAL that we change our strategies and start to do […]

Facebook vs Apple, If You Run ANY Ads You Need to Know About This [iOS 14 Release]

What You Need to Know Weekly – 23rd December 2020 In this weekly news digest you’ll hear about: πŸ“° iOS Update Taking Place early 2021 – all businesses running any kind of ads are affected πŸ“° More EU Privacy Consequences – Messenger and Instagram πŸ“° Instagram Reels takes another classy step towards being TikTok’s twinnie […]

What You Need to Know Weekly – 9th December 2020

In this short weekly news digest I have an exciting selection: πŸ“° Instagram is testing out an exciting new feature in India πŸ“° Facebook has enhanced the experience for Car Dealerships πŸ“° TikTok is making a bold move πŸ“° Google Maps are jumping on the Social Media bandwagon with feeds πŸ“° WhatsApp is making it […]

New Facebook NEWS, Audio Ads for YouTube, Instagram FAQ’s & Facebook acquires Kustomer

In this weekly news digest you’ll learn about: πŸ“° Facebook NEWS coming to the UK πŸ“° YouTube is launching audio ads πŸ“° Instagram and FAQ’s πŸ“° New ‘Kustomer’ management coming to Whatsapp If you enjoy being in the know, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and switch on notifications to stay connected πŸ’™ 🀩 […]

No more Leads Facebook Messenger Ads, More Instagram Announcements, and More

I found this out the hard way, but Facebook is rolling out new changes as of 16 November through the first half of December, in another attempt to stay compliant with new European Privacy Rules. They haven’t made any big announcements, nor trained their concierge team regarding these changes, which definitely made my journey to […]

Exciting New Instagram Updates and a Special Announcement

In this week’s news digest, I talk about some major changes Instagram is bringing to YOU which are super exciting. I also have an extra special announcement to make, don’t miss out on this, you only have until the year to claim it.   🀩 Connect with me 🀩 Connect with me on LinkedIn Follow […]

Instagram brings a whole new level to marketers

Instagram brings a whole new level to marketers

Instagram has announced 4 HUGE very exciting changes that are coming soon to you if you don’t have them already. Included in this broadcast: β€’ New product tags in Ads Manager β€’ New custom audience β€’ New Instagram API – Messenger Bots β€’ Instagram Monetization for Creators β€’ Facebook Attribution Changes   🀩 Connect with […]